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My wife, Jan Terkelsen and I were recently fortunate enough to have an interview with Matthew Kimberley.

Matthew is the author of How to Get a Grip and an expert in marketing and sales. He’s one of the funniest people we know and in this interview we cover subjects such as the best client relationship management systems, the ‘keep in touch’ system to build and maintain client relationships, sales conversations, how to access corporate decision makers, and even a few tips on discipline when working from home.

Grab a coffee and watch the video version of the interview or see below for the mp3 version plus additional resources.

And when you’re done, tell us your favourite sales and marketing tip from Matthew or share one of your own in the comments section below.

Additional Resources

Download an mp3 audio of the interview with Matthew Kimberley.

Matthew Kimberley’s website.

Book Yourself Solid book by Michael Port & Book Yourself Solid illustrated edition.

Contactually client relationship management system.

Highrise client relationship management system.

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