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The Self Employment Mindset

Some recent keyword research told us that ‘How to be self employed‘ was one of the most oft-used keyword phrases on the subject of self employment. Though it suggests that most folks are looking for ‘the steps’ to take to become self employed, it actually raises the more important question of how to be self employed.

The practicalities, though they can be complex, are actually pretty straight forward and boil down to the same thing – Find a need or want in the market place that you are interested in and able to fulfill and then go ahead and do it in a way that earns you profit. Each business will have it’s own way of doing this but if you follow that basic script you should be ok.

The self employment mindset

The mechanics of writing or executing a business plan, creating or delivering a product or service, are all dealt with in the world of doing.

Underlying the practicalities though is the world of being, the mindset. This is where our hopes and dreams, fears and aspirations, wants and needs do battle on a daily basis. And this is where the real challenge of self employment lies because it’s where our fundamental needs for survival – food, shelter and all that stuff – are taken care of. At least we hope they are.

Let’s face it, self employment puts our fundamental needs at risk.

Thus the real search for ‘how to be self employed’ needs to end where it starts – with the ‘self’. To be self employed requires us to be courageous. It requires us to have faith, not in the universe or the stars or even the gods, but in ourselves. It requires us to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. It requires a willingness to ‘look bad’.

You won’t find any of these requirements in the search engines.

It doesn’t mean you can’t be fearful but if you can muster up some courage, some faith and a willingness to be uncomfortable or even to look bad, you’ll master the first and most difficult step of how to be self employed.

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I've been self-employed since I was 19​ (and that was quite some time ago) and have owned manufacturing, service and consulting businesses ever since. Every business goes through stages and each stage in each business needs a different strategy to flourish and prosper. I can teach you about the stages and the strategies to shortcut your success.

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