The small business life cycle

The Small Business Lifecycle

In the interests of efficiency (fancy speak for ‘because I’m lazy’) here’s a cut and paste of a review I’ve just posted on Amazon for “The Small Business Lifecycle: A Guide for Taking the Right Steps at the Right Time to Grow Your Small Business” by Charlie Gilkey.

As a business coach specializing in working with the self employed, I know a lot of the ‘failures’ in small business come about because owners get bogged down on the details. The Small Business Lifecycle helps address that. It takes you off the shop floor and up to the board room (and higher) where you can take an aerial view, not just of the business itself but where you stand in relation to the business.

Some will find reassurance that where they are and what they are going through is ‘ok’. Others will get get an ‘AHA’ moment and some insight into what they need to do next to move the business forward. Other’s still will see where they went ‘wrong’ and have some ideas of how to remedy that.

It’s a quick read and though it is very general, I see that as more of a strength than a weakness. Rather than wading through heavier business books looking for answers, it will help the busy business owner work out where they need to focus their energy to move forward. If that requires more learning, they may have a better idea of subject areas to look for books that go into more detail.

The size and style lends itself to an occasional review, making it ideal to re-read for a ‘pulse check’ ahead of regular quarterly or six-monthly business planning sessions.

Follow this link for your copy of The Small Business Lifecycle.

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