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5 Secrets to connect your sales efforts to your SEO efforts

Three Secrets to Connect Your Sales Efforts to Your SEO Efforts

Guest post from Tirrell Payton I have talked to clients who do not connect their sales efforts and their marketing efforts. While their marketing teams are dreaming up campaigns involving branding, billboards, and mind share, their sales teams are focused on one thing: making sales. The unfortunate SEO (search engine optimization) team, if there is one, […]

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10 ways to star Marketing

10 Ways to Start Marketing Without Getting Overwhelmed

Guest post from Susan Payton So you’ve started a business. Congratulations! Now comes the hard part: marketing it and attracting new clients. A lot of newbie business owners get overwhelmed with the idea of marketing. They don’t know where to begin, or it just seems too technical to them. Not to worry. I’ve been helping […]

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True sales a taoist perspective

True Sales – A Taoist Perspective

Guest post from Pat Helmers Lending a hand Willing to serve This is true sales. Belief in the product Sure it can help This is true sales. Excited to help Crowding out fear This is true sales. Building relationships Making new friends This is true sales.

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