How to make more time

How Can I Make More Time?

I’m often asked by clients and others, “How can I make more time? I don’t seem to have enough.” Sorry to break it to you but you can’t. 24 hours is all we get on this planet each day and that’s it. Having said that, it actually isn’t necessary to make more time. In fact the […]

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Own your inbox

Wasting Time on Email Management? Cut Your Email Processing Time by 80%

Email management – both a blessing for your small business and a curse. You can use it to build and transact relationships, both professional and personal. And you can use it to inform, educate and inspire yourself and others about what’s possible in the world. But it can also be a burden, a constant distraction […]

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Albert Einstein Brett Jarman

Time Management Strategies: Put Them on Steroids with Time Mastery

Last week I took members of my group coaching program through a master class on time management. It wasn’t your usual take on time management strategies though. You know the type I mean; where you learn to prioritize, delegate, defer, systematize, get productive and all that. I love productivity hacks, systems, apps and such things […]

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Review your Business Goals Brett Jarman

Make a Smart Business Move in April With a Review of Your Goals

So it’s April 1st. While many use this day as a day of staging April Fools’ pranks (or avoiding them) it’s a great time of year to practice your ‘April Smarts’ in your business. The First of April marks the end of the three month milestone for the year. Yep, we’re a quarter of the […]

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Job Done Brett Jarman

Progress, Procrastination and Pleasuring Yourself

Sigmund Freud’s pleasure principle isn’t exactly rocket science but it’s easy to forget. Essentially it says every action we take is an effort to feel better, either by seeking pleasure or avoiding pain. Avoiding pain usually takes priority and often takes the form of procrastination. We put something off because we perceive it as a […]

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Home office

Inspiration is good for business. How to create an inspired work space.

Being self employed allows us to have some flexibility in what we wear to work, how we choose to order our day and how we choose to order our physical environment. Creating an inspired work space, doesn’t need to cost a lot, it just needs to have some soul to it. What is it about […]

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Charlie Gilkey

Charlie Gilkey on The Small Business Lifecycle

I recently reviewed Charlie Gilkey’s book, The Small Business Lifecycle, A guide for taking the right steps at the right time to grow your business. At the time the book was only available on Kindle but Charlie has since released it in print form. I’ve since had the pleasure of interviewing Charlie to discuss the […]

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5 Secrets to connect your sales efforts to your SEO efforts

Three Secrets to Connect Your Sales Efforts to Your SEO Efforts

Guest post from Tirrell Payton I have talked to clients who do not connect their sales efforts and their marketing efforts. While their marketing teams are dreaming up campaigns involving branding, billboards, and mind share, their sales teams are focused on one thing: making sales. The unfortunate SEO (search engine optimization) team, if there is one, […]

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