Daniel Pink

Is Sales More Beautiful Than We Realize? Interview with Daniel Pink

As part of our Sales is not a dirty word theme for June, we were fortunate enough to interview Daniel Pink, author of the recent bestseller, To Sell is Human – The Surprising Truth About Moving Others. Daniel is a former speechwriter for Al Gore and has also authored several other books including Free Agent Nation, […]

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Geoff McDonald

Geoff McDonald – The Ideas Architect on the New Era of Marketing

My wife, Jan Terkelsen and I recently interviewed Geoff McDonald, the Ideas Architect and the Book Rapper. We’ll let Geoff explain what an Ideas Architect and a Book Rapper are on the call but if you’re in small business of any sort, you’ll get great value from listening in. In this 40 minute interview we […]

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10 ways to star Marketing

10 Ways to Start Marketing Without Getting Overwhelmed

Guest post from Susan Payton So you’ve started a business. Congratulations! Now comes the hard part: marketing it and attracting new clients. A lot of newbie business owners get overwhelmed with the idea of marketing. They don’t know where to begin, or it just seems too technical to them. Not to worry. I’ve been helping […]

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True sales a taoist perspective

True Sales – A Taoist Perspective

Guest post from Pat Helmers Lending a hand Willing to serve This is true sales. Belief in the product Sure it can help This is true sales. Excited to help Crowding out fear This is true sales. Building relationships Making new friends This is true sales.

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Matthew Kimberly

Matthew Kimberley on Sales, Marketing, The Universe and Everything

My wife, Jan Terkelsen and I were recently fortunate enough to have an interview with Matthew Kimberley. Matthew is the author of How to Get a Grip and an expert in marketing and sales. He’s one of the funniest people we know and in this interview we cover subjects such as the best client relationship […]

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The small business life cycle

The Small Business Lifecycle

In the interests of efficiency (fancy speak for ‘because I’m lazy’) here’s a cut and paste of a review I’ve just posted on Amazon for “The Small Business Lifecycle: A Guide for Taking the Right Steps at the Right Time to Grow Your Small Business” by Charlie Gilkey. As a business coach specializing in working […]

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Crush the competition

Let’s Crush the Competition!

Actually, let’s not. I like my competition. Admire them in fact. More than that, I’m often inspired by them! Competition breeds innovation. It gives us benchmarks to aspire to or stay ahead of. It gives us folks we can joint venture with.

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Is good money good enough

Is Good Money Good Enough?

There’s ‘good money‘ in it. The opportunity, the idea, the project…That’s great but what else does it have to offer? Will it spark your creative juices? Will it give you the interaction with others that you enjoy? Will you be inspired to do what it takes to earn it? Will it give you plenty of […]

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