Self employed

Self Employed Job Advertisement

NOW HIRING – 60 hour week. Low, irregular salary. Twelve bosses. No vacation. No benefits. No qualifications necessary. Supportive but anxious employer. Sounds like a job you’d be interested in? Perhaps not but this is the reality for millions in self employment. They might be pretending to enjoy the ‘freedom’ of being their own boss […]

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How to be self employed google search

The Self Employment Mindset

Some recent keyword research told us that ‘How to be self employed‘ was one of the most oft-used keyword phrases on the subject of self employment. Though it suggests that most folks are looking for ‘the steps’ to take to become self employed, it actually raises the more important question of how to be self […]

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Money Piggy Bankl

Our Most Important Lesson About Money

Money management in self employment can be tricky. Downright treacherous in fact. Especially for those who have money issues even with a regular income. If your income becomes irregular when you become self employed the money issues tend to become magnified. Irregular or not, self employed or not, there is one habit we can all […]

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Manage competing priorities

How to manage competing priorities in self-employment or small business

The things that we value most in life are always the easiest to prioritize. In self-employment and small business though, often the business tasks don’t feature among our highest values. How do you deal with that? How can you tell when you have competing priorities? You will always act in accordance with your highest values. […]

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Woman with umbrella

Wherever you go there you are

Have you ever wondered why things keep happening to you again and again? Why you seem to attract the same or similar situations to yourself or your business? Ask yourself these questions and answer as honestly as you can allow yourself, with out beating yourself up: Are you the type of person who seems to […]

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Why working for yourself might not be working out

For many, the lure of working for yourself is actually more about wanting to not work. Stories of four hour work weeks or early retirement pull some folks away from their job in the hope that self-employment will deliver a passive income stream to fund the dream. Easy money. Easy life. For some that works out but for most it […]

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Self-employment is overrated!

Don’t get me wrong. Self-employment is awesome – I’ve been self-employed for nearly 30 years and I love it. But it’s been so oversold that it’s become a bright shiny object in and of itself. Take control of your life/time/money; monetize your passion; become wealthy beyond your dreams; retire early; determine your own destiny; blah, […]

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Raisin Consciousness

Raisin’ Consciousness

My wife and I attended a Stuart Wilde seminar in New Zealand 20 years or so ago. The penultimate experience was supposed to be a fire walk on hot coals. While that was indeed an experience and  a highlight, I have a more enduring memory of a raisin. Not just any raisin but a special […]

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