Free diver

Deeper learning experiences bring out the best

My fourteen year old son is in those middle years of high school. He’s a smart kid but he’s not an academic. For him school is more about endurance than excitement. School’s over for the year. We haven’t got his report yet but he tells us he got average results. My wife and I know […]

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Wire fence

Is it a fence or a gate?

Part of the fun working at the strategic level is in challenging assumptions that clients have about their work or business. The market’s saturated, we’ve left our run too late. I’m too small. We don’t have the experience to take this on. We’ll never be able to compete with the big guys. I don’t have […]

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The Enneagram

I don’t know enough …

Had the pleasure of attending a 2 day workshop on the Enneagram this weekend just gone. What a trip! The enneagram works on the premise that we all view and operate in the world from one of nine fundamental viewpoints. I’m still processing what I learned but the big take home for me was that advice […]

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