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Inexpensive and space saving homemade stand up desk

Homemade stand up desk – inexpensive and space saving

A quick look at an inexpensive space saving stand up desk that I’ve been using for the past five years. Ideal for a home office where you might not have the space for a full sized stand up desk. I also give a sneak peek at another option for stand up desk that will be […]

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Standard Operating Procedures for Small Business

In this video, I show you how to add leverage to your business by setting up effective standard operating procedures and documentation for you and your team. I also show you what I think is the best documentation tool for small business. It’s low cost and very simple to use (Keep an eye out for […]

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The Most Important Numbers in Your Business Are?

Today I’m going to give you a simple challenge that will take five minutes to implement each week but can save you a ton of wasted time and energy that you can leverage into profit. Do you know what the most important numbers in your business are? What comes to mind when I ask that question? Profit? […]

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How to make more time

How Can I Make More Time?

I’m often asked by clients and others, “How can I make more time? I don’t seem to have enough.” Sorry to break it to you but you can’t. 24 hours is all we get on this planet each day and that’s it. Having said that, it actually isn’t necessary to make more time. In fact the […]

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Own your inbox

Wasting Time on Email Management? Cut Your Email Processing Time by 80%

Email management – both a blessing for your small business and a curse. You can use it to build and transact relationships, both professional and personal. And you can use it to inform, educate and inspire yourself and others about what’s possible in the world. But it can also be a burden, a constant distraction […]

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Albert Einstein Brett Jarman

Time Management Strategies: Put Them on Steroids with Time Mastery

Last week I took members of my group coaching program through a master class on time management. It wasn’t your usual take on time management strategies though. You know the type I mean; where you learn to prioritize, delegate, defer, systematize, get productive and all that. I love productivity hacks, systems, apps and such things […]

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Manage competing priorities

How to manage competing priorities in self-employment or small business

The things that we value most in life are always the easiest to prioritize. In self-employment and small business though, often the business tasks don’t feature among our highest values. How do you deal with that? How can you tell when you have competing priorities? You will always act in accordance with your highest values. […]

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Why working for yourself might not be working out

For many, the lure of working for yourself is actually more about wanting to not work. Stories of four hour work weeks or early retirement pull some folks away from their job in the hope that self-employment will deliver a passive income stream to fund the dream. Easy money. Easy life. For some that works out but for most it […]

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