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True sales a taoist perspective

True Sales – A Taoist Perspective

Guest post from Pat Helmers Lending a hand Willing to serve This is true sales. Belief in the product Sure it can help This is true sales. Excited to help Crowding out fear This is true sales. Building relationships Making new friends This is true sales.

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Matthew Kimberly

Matthew Kimberley on Sales, Marketing, The Universe and Everything

My wife, Jan Terkelsen and I were recently fortunate enough to have an interview with Matthew Kimberley. Matthew is the author of How to Get a Grip and an expert in marketing and sales. He’s one of the funniest people we know and in this interview we cover subjects such as the best client relationship […]

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Crush the competition

Let’s Crush the Competition!

Actually, let’s not. I like my competition. Admire them in fact. More than that, I’m often inspired by them! Competition breeds innovation. It gives us benchmarks to aspire to or stay ahead of. It gives us folks we can joint venture with.

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