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Charlie Gilkey on The Small Business Lifecycle

I recently reviewed Charlie Gilkey’s book, The Small Business Lifecycle, A guide for taking the right steps at the right time to grow your business. At the time the book was only available on Kindle but Charlie has since released it in print form.

I’ve since had the pleasure of interviewing Charlie to discuss the book and small business in more detail.

We talk a little bit about Charlie’s background, which is fascinating in itself. Charlie is a philosopher and former military man but there is to much more to Charlies story than that. Take a look at the Charlie Gilkey bio page and you’ll see what I mean.

We discuss the small business lifecycle that Charlie has identified at length. The lifecycle is unique to ‘bootstrapped businesses’ and from my experience it gives business owners a very accurate 30,000 feet view of their business. This is important as it helps the business owner decide where their focus on the business needs to be.

We also cover when and how you should make a ‘good enough’ decision in your business and Charlie shares with us the biggest lesson he’s learned from being in business. It’s an important one we should all take notice of.

To listen to the call right click this link to download an mp3 audio file of our interview with Charlie Gilkey (11 MB).

When you’ve listened to the call, please come back and let us know in the comments below what you found most interesting.


The Small Business Lifecycle on Amazon
Productive Flourishing website.

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