Geoff McDonald

Geoff McDonald – The Ideas Architect on the New Era of Marketing

My wife, Jan Terkelsen and I recently interviewed Geoff McDonald, the Ideas Architect and the Book Rapper. We’ll let Geoff explain what an Ideas Architect and a Book Rapper are on the call but if you’re in small business of any sort, you’ll get great value from listening in.

In this 40 minute interview we talk about:

  • how Geoff transitioned from being a professional architect to a coach and consultant by following the impulse to do what he felt like doing
  • how he turned his love of reading into a business opportunity
  • how he learned to be comfortable with the unknown and why that’s essential for small business
  • why the world of marketing is changing and why self employed and small businesses need to adapt or get left behind
  • how even the big brands like Coca-Cola are shifting to ‘content marketing’ to build loyalty and reputation
  • the three key components of content marketing
  • the mystery of sales and why ‘the sale’ can happen at any time with content marketing
  • why you can ‘never give away too much’ and how the need for implementation will always drive demand for experts

The call will be particularly interesting to coaches, consultants, industry experts or anyone in professional services.

To listen to the call right click this link to download an mp3 audio file of our interview with Geoff McDonald (36 MB).

When you’ve listened to the call, please come back and let us know in the comments below what you found most interesting.


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