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I don’t know enough …

Had the pleasure of attending a 2 day workshop on the Enneagram this weekend just gone. What a trip! The enneagram works on the premise that we all view and operate in the world from one of nine fundamental viewpoints.

I’m still processing what I learned but the big take home for me was that advice or insights on the personal level really need to be structured to match the lens of the recipient. Generic tips that resonate or produce an ‘aha moment’ for one person might just get a shrug of the shoulders from another.

While that seems obvious – we are all different after all – the enneagram provides a framework so we can at least talk to the fundamental concern of a particular enneagram ‘type’.

Take time management for example. One system or approach might work beautifully for a person of one type on the enneagram while leaving someone of another type totally bewildered. Yet another type might wonder why on earth you would want to ‘manage’ time in the first place. Having spent countless hours implementing various forms of David Allen’s GTD approach and more recently lusting after Danielle LaPorte’s seductively simple approach to time management, the enneagram gives me hope that I can find something in between. Just knowing what really motivates me has already made a big difference.

I don’t know enough about the subject to be more specific at this stage or to offer any time management insights but will let you know when I do.

An enneagram expert would have probably worked out my type within the first few words of the second paragraph. “I’m still processing…” tells the reader I’m a Type Five on the enneagram – The Observer/Investigator. Type Fives are always gathering information. We want to know how the universe works so we’re always gathering information, processing it, then gathering more…

The expert would equally know how hard it is for me to publish the fifth paragraph – “I don’t know enough about…” For Type Fives that’s our dirty little secret – we hope and pray that you won’t find out that we don’t know enough. To say it publicly is one of the bravest things a Type Five can do. To blog about it is like jumping from a plane without a parachute (especially when the blog isn’t even finished).

What better way could there be to take the reluctant yet compulsive step into the world of blogging? Sign up below for updates – you never know what other dirty little secrets I might dare to share.

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