Crush the competition

Let’s Crush the Competition!

Actually, let’s not. I like my competition. Admire them in fact. More than that, I’m often inspired by them! Competition breeds innovation. It gives us benchmarks to aspire to or stay ahead of. It gives us folks we can joint venture with.

What’s more, there’s plenty to go around. The idea that for us to succeed someone else has to fail is an old paradigm. If you can’t see that there’s plenty to go around you aren’t looking hard enough. Don’t crush your competition, embrace them! Learn from them. Everybody wins.What’s your attitude towards competition? Do you have any fears around it that might be holding you back? Comments welcome below.

About the Author Brett Jarman

I've been self-employed since I was 19​ (and that was quite some time ago) and have owned manufacturing, service and consulting businesses ever since. Every business goes through stages and each stage in each business needs a different strategy to flourish and prosper. I can teach you about the stages and the strategies to shortcut your success.

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