Raisin Consciousness

Raisin’ Consciousness

My wife and I attended a Stuart Wilde seminar in New Zealand 20 years or so ago. The penultimate experience was supposed to be a fire walk on hot coals. While that was indeed an experience and  a highlight, I have a more enduring memory of a raisin. Not just any raisin but a special raisin.

The raisins were brought out on a silver platter. We were each given one to sit in the palm of our hands. Wilde then guided us on a gourmet dining experience.

He had us study the raisin closely. We looked at the ridges and bumps. We imagined the raisin when it was a plump juicy grape on a vine, covered in dew, catching the morning sun. We followed the journey of the grape from being picked to drying out slowing in the hot sun, squeezing itself into its current form. We held our raisin between the thumb and forefinger, looking at it from all angles, holding it up to the light.

We closed our eyes and smelled our single raisin. Subtle yet intense at the same time. Never really noticed much smell before.

We placed our raisin between our front teeth. Held it there gently while we explored the texture with our tongues.

Then we let the raisin fall gently into our mouth where we rolled it around and played with it. The whole process took maybe three to four minutes before we finally got to take a bite and enjoy the taste explosion in our mouths. Such incredibly intense flavour.

I recommend you try this at home. I’ve since seen and done the exercise in various other forms but what I like about it is that is shows us how very easy it is to shift our perspectives. In this case, by slowing down and appreciating the finer details of a particular experience, the experience itself becomes much more rewarding and satisfying.

Think of all the other experiences that you could enrich by following the same process. It can be a walk in nature, spending time with your children, cooking a meal for your family, listening to some music from a totally different perspective… The options are endless.

Even the experiences we might previously think of as boring can be turned around by appreciating the finer details. That’s what I call Raisin’ Consciousness.

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