March 5


What skydiving can teach us about sales

By Brett Jarman

March 5, 2017

My wife and my daughter both went skydiving this morning. Apart from being impressed with how the team at Skydive Australia Byron Bay operated like a well oiled machine (which was very reassuring) I was also impressed with their process for 'upselling' videos and photos of the experience to their clients.

Before the jump, we talked privately about the price of the upsells, starting from $129. My daughter commented that there's no way that they cost that much to produce and I made the point that it was about the 'value' to the client more so than the cost.  

My wife also agreed that the cost was too much and that she wasn't going to buy them. But it was a very different story for her after the jump and after she saw the 'product.' ​I thought it was a great demonstration of the role that emotion plays in sales. 

​We shot this video of us discussing the experience shortly afterwards...

What can skydiving teach us about the role of emotions in sales? #sales #salestips #marketingtips

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As you can see, the product literally sold itself. It cost almost nothing to produce (it's all digital and was supplied on a $4 USB thumb drive) ​yet the emotion of the experience was enough for Jan to happily part with her money for it.

And though we didn't test it, I can almost be certain that if the upsell offer came 2 days later via email, the chances she would buy it would be much lower.​

Jan Terkelsen Byron Bay Skydiving
Jan Terkelsen Skydiving Byron Bay

So while doing business with you might not be as exhilarating ​as jumping out of a plane (unless of course it is!) what do you think you can do to assist your clients with the buying process by heightening their emotions?

Can you share video referrals or testimonials from clients so they have the 'I want that too' feeling? Maybe it's giving them a taste test of your services and results. Or perhaps it's a one-time-only (OTO) upsell offer that adds more value than cost to what they've just bought from you. Give some thought to what that might be for you this week and take it for a test drive (and please share your emotional affected buying/selling stories below or on my Facebook page).

Brett Jarman

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