True sales a taoist perspective

True Sales – A Taoist Perspective

Guest post from Pat Helmers

Lending a hand
Willing to serve
This is true sales.

Belief in the product
Sure it can help
This is true sales.

Excited to help
Crowding out fear
This is true sales.

Building relationships
Making new friends
This is true sales.

Sales is a profession that’s greatly misunderstood and derided, yet all business pivots on its existence. “Sales Men” are commonly thought to be shallow fast talking hucksters. But modern sales couldn’t be farther from the truth. Sales has evolved into a helping profession, where one person truly listens to the fears, frustrations and desires of another. From that understanding they look at their own products and services, to see if they can help. Considering this an activity of matchmaking, sellers have an honest conversation with the buyer, walking through their concerns one by one, and patiently explaining how each issue may be addressed by their company. Sometimes it’s a match, sometimes not. But collaboratively both the buyer and seller come to an understanding. And if it’s a match, the deal is done.

I remember when I learned how to ride a bicycle. I was a small boy on a large old Schwinn, and I was afraid I would fall and often did. But through trial and error I learned to balance my weight a little to the left, and then a little to the right. And if I did this at exactly the right moment, I would stay in balance longer and longer, soon able to pedal down the street and around the block. Balance was the key skill to bicycling. And once I figured that out, the road was mine. I have since bicycled thousands of miles across great prairies and tall mountains. These long distant pursuits have required me to learn a wide range of skills. But the key skill of balance, was the foundation of all my adventures. Once I knew that, the rest came easy.

Sales has a key skill too. And once the novice seller learns that “helping” is that skill, the fear of approaching strangers falls away, the concerns that the competition might be better is set aside, and confidence in the true value of your product or service becomes the passion that drives success.

There is much to learn about sales, but once you learn it’s about helping others, the rest is easy.

What’s your perspective on true sales? Comments welcome below.


Pat Helmers is the Vice President of Sales at Common Goal Systems, a software company that provides database services for the elementary and secondary education market. Prior that he was a technical manager and engineer for Bell Laboratories who specialized in deploying new technologies within the telecommunication industry. Further more he holds two patents in wireless communication, has a masters degree in Computer Science from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago and a Bachelors at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Mr. Helmers is an avid golfer, bicyclist, jogger, cook, home-brewer, father and husband. You can hear Mr. Helmers on his podcast at or connect with @pathelmers on Twitter.

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